Moringa Oil: the Miracle Beauty and Health Product

Moringa Oil: the Miracle Beauty and Health Product

Here at Himalayas Tea, we believe in the power of natural beauty: products that are derived from plant-based ingredients. There’s just no need to use chemicals when nature gives us all the beauty and health ingredients we need to look and feel our best.

Moringa oil is the natural beauty product that we rave about to anyone who comes into our tea room because it’s so versatile yet so effective. Extracted from the Moringa tree which is native to the Himalayas in Northwestern India, Moringa oil can be used on your skin, hair, aching joints and your food! Here’s how you can maximise the use of our wonder product.

1. Rub It Into Your Skin

Dry skin, wrinkles, acne, scarring and dull skin are no match for the moringa seed. Moringa’s rich vitamin content gives it the power to fight the signs of aging, reduce the redness of acne, smooth out scarred skin and add a glow to your complexion with remarkable effectiveness. Apply it regularly to tighten skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and give yourself a youthful gloss without looking oily. Although oil-based, moringa oil does not cling to the skin and soaks in within minutes.

2. Comb It Through Your Hair

Moringa oil is the deep conditioning treatment you’ve been searching for. If your hair is brittle, dried out or fragile, moringa oil will strengthen it, giving it a new life and vitality. Apply onto the damaged areas and comb through to ensure an even application. You can even add it to a spray bottle and spritz it onto frizzy hair that needs taming. Leave the oil in- it won’t make your hair look greasy, only enviously shiny and well kept.

3. Eat It

Yes, you can even eat moringa oil! It’s got a mild, earthy flavour that compliments most meals as the taste is so subtle that it’s barely discernible amongst the flavour of other foods. Use it as cooking oil, for salad dressings, stir-fry oil, to thicken sauces, to dip bread in, with pasta or on pizza.

No matter how you decide to use it, you’ll soon get to experience the benefits of moringa oil. Our moringa oil is cold-pressed which means the formula is as close to the original plant form as possible and retains all important nutrients and vitamins. Go on, treat yourself to a product that's going to benefit you.