4 Of The Best Reasons To Start Drinking Herbal Tea

There are many advantages to drinking herbal tea that make it more than just a drink that satisfies our taste buds.

4 Of The Best Reasons To Start Drinking Herbal Tea

Not only are they flavoursome and aromatic, Herbal loose teas are steeped in health and beauty benefits that can significantly improve your well-being. From healing properties to disease prevention, the benefits are endless. We know these benefits of drinking herbal tea but you might not so we’ve broken them down for you.


1. Drinking Tea Is A Way of Getting Enough Water

We’re constantly told that we need to drink eight glasses of water a day to maximise our healthiness but how many of us actually manage to do this? Demotivated by water’s non-existent taste, many of us fail to get the recommended amount but don’t worry, herbal tea is the perfect solution. Drinking herbal tea such as Peppermint Green Tea is a flavourful way of getting enough fluid into your body each day and has additional vitamins and minerals, hydrating your body whilst pumping it with good stuff.


2. It Can Help Us Sleep and Cure Insomnia

Chamomile is the golden herb for tackling all things sleep related. This beautiful golden tea reduces stress and anxiety related problems by calming us down, helping us fall asleep much more effortlessly. Not only does it cure insomnia, placing a couple of tea bags on our eyes can reduce the look of tired eyes and dark circles.


3. Helps Prevent Diseases

Amazingly, some herbal teas can be used to actually prevent diseases. Long-term, dedicated drinkers of Moringa tea are dubbing the Moringa plant as a ‘superfood’ and hailing it for its highly nutritious properties as it contains vitamins A, C and E! It’s been used for generations in countries like India, Pakistan and Nepal to prevent heart disease, liver disease, digestive disorders and diabetes- each with proven success.


4. Healing Properties For A Range of Ailments

Rooibos tea is famous for its vivid colour but it’s also rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can be consumed to treat various conditions. Drinking Rooibos tea is multi-functional in its effect: it can tackle stomach cramps, treat headaches, relieve asthma conditions and even bone weakness, boosting your immune system with natural herbal goodness. It’s got a distinctive but tasty flavour that you’ll remember just like its colour.

Long hailed in the East as the key to health, happiness and longevity, knowledge of the benefits of herbal tea has been passed on for generations and now you’re aware of them too! We specialise in providing you with the healthiest and tastiest teas available. We have a vast selection of loose herbal teas for you to choose from so we're sure we've got something for your palette. Browse our range online or visit us in our store where we can teach you even more about tea. It’s our passion!