Lychee Tea

Lychee Tea
Lychee Tea Lychee Tea Lychee Tea Lychee Tea
Lychee Tea

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  • Lychees are rich in antioxidant vitamin C, with more than 100 percent of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C in one cup.

  • Lychees have one of the highest concentrations of polyphenols among fruits, including rutin, a bioflavonoid known to strengthen blood vessels

  • Certain compounds in lychee seeds have shown powerful anti-viral activity, including against coxsackie virus and herpes simplex virus

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Tasting Notes: Exotic, Bright, Sweet

Premium lychee essence and flowers are hand blended with select Chinese black teas to create a splendidly nuanced offering of flavor, natural sweetness, aroma and bright color.

Caffeine Content: Medium


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