The Tea Experience

The Tea Experience 


According to legend, tea was first discovered by the Chinese emperor and herbalist, Shennong, in 273 BC. It is said that the emperor liked his drinking water boiled before he drank it so it would be clean. One day a dead leaf from a wild tea bush fell into the water unnoticed creating a pleasing, refreshing drink and cha (tea) came into being.


Teas can be placed in several categories. The most common categories used today are Green, White, Oolong, Black, Fruit and Rooibos. They are defined by how much a tea has been processed, oxidized or in tea terminology, fermented.



Drinking Tea Is All About the Experience


We believe drinking tea is all about the experience, which is why we currently sell over 200 varieties of loose leaf tea and also offer you the unique opportunity to create your own online.


Tea Tasting and Blending


Our tea tasting and blending experiences are designed for every tea lover to enjoy, even those new to the subject. The workshops delve into the background of each tea category and explore the process of manufacturing and the properties of each type.  


Tea Workshops


Each workshop we host gives you the chance to create your own blend, the most popular one is then chosen to be sold on our winners shelf and the blend is added to our permanent collection. You can view and purchase all our winning blends here.


Tea is not just a beverage, it can also be used to create cocktails, cakes and shakes - all of which can be sampled during our experiences.


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