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Himalayas Tea Club is the first club to deliver the world’s best tea to your door every month.

1 Month Membership offers
Choose 2 teas from our latest selection of teas.

3 Month Membership offers
Choose 6 teas from our latest selection of teas. You get a free Tea tasting voucher free!

6 Month Membership offers
Choose 12 teas from our latest selection of teas.

12 Month Membership offers
Choose 24 teas from our latest selection of teas. This offer also includes a free Chinese Dragon tea set.

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Himalayas Tea Club is the first club to deliver the world’s best tea to your door every month. 2 teas a month and 24 teas a year


Each rare and interesting whole leaf tea is delivered with descriptive notes and brewing guides


Subscriptions are flexible with no minimum period so you can join for just 1 month. Alternatively you can sign up for a specific time say 12 weeks – or choose a rolling subscription which keeps delivering until you stop it. You can suspend it while on holiday, or redirect it to a friend.


Sign up for 12 months and get a free Chinese Dragon tea set / tea tasting session at Himalayas Tea work shop

Tea Club FAQs

How often will I receive tea?

Once a month, on the 28th of each month  (We post the international packs earlier in the month so that you should receive your pack at the same time as the UK members)

When will I start receiving tea after I subscribe?

You need to subscribe by 25th of each month  to receive the same month delivery.

How long do I have to sign up for?

There is no minimum period. You can sign up for just a month, or as many months as you like. You can stop the subscription whenever you like.

 Will I have to be at home to receive the tea pack each Month?

No. The postal packages are designed to fit through a letterbox so you don’t have to be in to receive it.

 What if I live outside the UK?

No problem, you can still sign up. International memberships are £15 per month. We will send your tea packs before the UK Packs go out. Sometimes this may mean you get your pack before the UK members.

 Can I give a subscription as a gift?

Of course. When subscribing, you just need to edit the 'Delivery Address' to that of the recipient of your choice. Once you've subscribed, you may call / email us to request a gift message / certificate and  when you want their first pack to be delivered. For example, you could buy a subscription in November as a Christmas present and the recipient will start receiving tea in January.

How do I pay for a subscription?

Choose a length of time that you want to be a member for and pay upfront. You can do this for 3 months, 6 months or one year. This is a good option if giving the subscription as a gift.

Is there an incentive to sign up for longer periods?

Yes. We give everyone who subscribes for 12 months a useful and beautiful free gift. If you sign up for 12 months you get  a free Chinese Dragon tea set or free tea tasting session at the Himalayas Tea work shop.

What if I go on holiday?

No problem. You can suspend the subscription for as long as you like. Or give us a call and have the pack redirected to a friend or neighbour. Even if you have paid upfront for a certain length of time, you can suspend your monthly deliveries for as long as you like and jump back in again when you want until you have received all the packs you've paid for.

How do I stop or suspend the subscription?

You can do this by calling us on   0044 7903997671/ 0044 161 425 1458 or emailing info@himalayastea.com.

How will I know how to brew the tea?

We will include explicit brewing instructions with the tea and further detailed info will be available online at the dedicated Himalayas Tea Club web page.

Do I need any special equipment?

Not necessarily. We have the special infusers on line or a teapot is all you really need to start off with. It helps if it has an infusion chamber but it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t. We can provide brewing tools if required and the instructions will come each month which will always use 250ml water (equivalent to one cup of tea.)

What is the special gift if I sign up for 12 months?

It is an exclusive Himalayas Tea Club Chinese dragon tea set or tea tasting session at our work shop.

Will I get tea to the value of £10 every month?

We will make sure that each month includes a tea to the approximate value of £10 or more. Most months the value of the tea will be significantly more than £10 so over a couple of months you will be guaranteed to have fantastic value.

What if I would like to give feedback about the tea?

We’d like to know about it. Each month on the blog, underneath the information about that month’s tea, you will be able to comment on them quickly and easily. We want to know what is liked and disliked, so don’t be afraid to let us know how you feel.

How much tea do I get each month?

Some months it will be 25g, other months it may be 10g or occasionally if the tea is extremely expensive it will be 5g.

Won’t some teas be repeated?

There are thousands of different teas and we could go for many years before we had to repeat any. However, it’s possible we may choose to feature a particularly popular Tea Club tea again after 12 months to give new subscribers the opportunity to taste it.

Can I buy the Tea Club teas on your website?

Yes, of course you can. There will be only some special teas for our members which you can purchase them by contacting us by email/ phone.

Who chooses the teas?

The Directors and Guest Selectors who have an interest and expertise in tea.

Can I suggest a tea?

By all means. If you know of an exciting tea that you’ve never had the opportunity to taste, please suggest it to us by emailing info@himalayastea.com.

Can I see which teas are coming up?

Yes, we will publish the next  month on the Tea Club web page so you know what to look forward to (these will be a rough guide and could be subject to change.)

If you have any other questions that aren't answered here, feel free to email info@himalayastea.com or call 0161 425 1458 / 07903997671.     


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